Monday, December 29, 2008

Weekly Studio Update

With the holidays and my birthday, it has of course been a less productive week. Last weekend I had to skip out early on my weekly painting class, but came back this week and got as far as above. There is not a real likeness, but I might be able to work on it some more in the near future.

Today I finally got back to work on "Sloth." I've added another layer to the legs, but they still aren't close to where I want them hue and value-wise, and also darkened the shadow behind the figure. It will be a slow week for this painting, too, since the holidays really aren't yet over!

I've done a couple more little sketches in my sketch book, and will hopefully do more on the days I am not able to make it into the studio. If I don't post again in 2008... cheers and have a great New Year!

1 comment:

dugbuddy said...

It is exciting to see a big canvas like sloth emerge into being. I admire your spirit of adventure and stick to it-iveness. This is going to be one of your ooh ahh pieces. I just feel it already in the lighting and the colors.