Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sketchy Painting Beginnings

I've started, yes, another painting of the lovely Annie Cherry. I started off by dividing the 20" x 16" panel into sections (divided it in half both vertically and horizontally, and then divided those sections in half as well) to help with placement. Then I used a reference photo similarly divided and started having at it with charcoal pencils, much in the same way I work when I draw from life. Once I had things laid out relatively well I hit the whole surface with a soft brush to lightly smear the drawing and get rid of any dust on the surface.

I spent a day laying in the whole composition with undiluted paint applied thinly, focusing on broad, flat areas of color. I do put in some indication of major hue changes but mostly I try and clearly divide the light and shadow halves. The background pattern was not drawn before painting. In retrospect it would've been easier had I made a stencil. After all was done I used a small soft brush to get rid of any hard edges.

I had an hour or so yesterday to work again, so I started laying in some of the hue-changes in her face. There's still much to do, and likely lots of corrections to make, but it's progress!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Anatomy Studies

Before I moved, I started working on some anatomy studies of Dan. I'd scanned in the skeletal study, but I didn't get the musculature scanned in before I packed up. When I come across this while unpacking I will scan it in and post it as well.

A Few Drawings From Red Door

What's Up

I feel bad that my poor little blog is neglected. My productivity has gone down somewhat painting-wise because I bought a house, moved, and have had some private commissions that I haven't shared here. However, I've of course kept drawing every Saturday night at the Open Figure Sessions and have done some more anatomy studies from those. I'm also slowly starting to complete work for a June exhibit at Hilliard Gallery, some of which I will begin posting here soon.

I'm also beginning work on a painting of a couple who are both deceased, with very few photographs as reference and no relatives available so that I can view similar skin tones in real life. It is something of a puzzle, but I hope to create a beautiful painting in honor of them. I've come up with the approximate color scheme and composition, and am currently working on pencil sketches of their faces where I try to combine info from the snapshots and alter the lighting to suit my needs. The next step will be to find people with similar skin tones, do color studies, and hit the Salvation Army for appropriate costuming. Then I will pose models or mannequins with the clothing and create the portrait from a combination of the sketches, color studies, and clothing/background references. Perhaps I will be able to share some of this process here.

So: Portraits, commissions, moving, teaching, drawing, studying, painting. That's what's up lately.