Friday, October 22, 2010

Women Painting Women - Group Invitational at Robert Lange Studios

I've just completed this painting for the Women Painting Women show at Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, SC. The opening is November 5th from 5:30-8:30 if you are in the area! I can't wait for this event as I will be showing with some artists I've looked up to for a long time and have admired from afar.

From Robert Lange's website:

“This is our most ambitious show to date,” says gallery owner Megan Lange of the galleries upcoming “Women Painting Women” group invitational. Robert Lange Studios will be bringing together forty female painters from around the globe, with an opening reception on Friday, November 5 from 5:30-8:30PM at the 2 Queen Street location during the Charleston Fine Art Dealers’ Association’s (CFADA) Fine Art Weekend.

The female form is one of the most painted subject matters of all time. Works like Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, Whistler’s Mother, Mona Lisa, Girl with a Pearl Earring, and Madame X, are all considered among the most recognized paintings in history, and were all created by men.

The November exhibit at RLS, featuring a variety of paintings depicting the female form, displays a shift in notoriety towards contemporary women painters. Starting in 1707, this historic shift began in the United Sates when Henrietta Johnston began to work as a portrait artist in Charles Town (now Charleston), South Carolina, making her the first known professional woman artist in America.

“Few people outside of the art world can name female painters, with the exception of perhaps Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keeffe, and even fewer can name a painting of a woman created by a woman,” says Lange. “However, there is a sensitivity to the female form that perhaps a woman can only truly understand.”

The artists chosen for this show are the ones that refuse to play it safe. Those who don't adhere to traditional painting standards and are creating truly unique works include:

Sharon Allicotti, Jennifer Balkan, Helen K Beacham, Mia Bergeron, Candice Bohannon, Linda Tracey Brandon, Kerry Brooks, Ali Cavanaugh, Rachel Constantine, Jessica Dunegan, Alia El-Bermani, Diane Feissel, Sandra Flood, Katherine Fraser, June Glasson, Lisa Gloria, Haley Hasler, Abby Heller-Burnham, Karen Kaapcke, Anna Killian, Sharon Knettell, Stanka Kordic, Francien Krieg, Hilarie Lambert, Lacey Lewis
Amy Lind, Francesca Marzorati, Suellen McCrary, Jazz-minh Moore, Kirsten Moran, Karen Ann Myers, Jennifer Nehrbass, Joyce Polance, Gail Potocki, Jennifer Presant, Catherine Prescott, Lee Price, Cindy Procious, Stephanie Rew, Elisa Rossi, Shannon Runquist, Tiffany Sage, Lique Schoot, Sara Scribner, Karen Silvestro, Adrienne Stein, Terry Strickland, Katherine Stone, Stefani Tewes, Sanna Tomac, Alexandra Tyng, and Sadie J Valeri.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Workshop with Graydon Parrish

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure to take part in a workshop in New Haven, MO with artist Graydon Parrish. Not only is his work some of the most amazing stuff I've ever seen (I took a peek at Hirschl & Adler when I was in NYC in August) but he's also an extremely generous and helpful teacher. Here's our group photo... I'm in the 2nd row with the green shirt and my buddies Jenna Tomlin and Jamina Bone are in front of me. Graydon is in the dark shirt in the front row, and also pictured are virtual turned real-life friends Lisa, Lori, Steve and Travis Michael Bailey, who arranged the workshop. (Thanks Travis!)

Unfortunately I missed this part of the workshop due to another commitment, but I got the scoop later regarding the morphology of the head. This was more advanced than your usual planes of the head models, and I think I will be absorbing more of this as time goes on. (Thanks, Travis, also for the photos to share.)

This was my drawing from the workshop, which I am considering working on more. Something Graydon had been trying to tell me clicked a few days after the workshop, and maybe I can make that fix after-the fact.

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Couple Drawings

I will have a new painting to post some time in the next few days. In the meantime, here are a couple drawings from recent open sessions. Getting ready for another one tomorrow, can't wait to bust out my pencils again!

Thank You Kansas City and The Pitch Magazine

I found out last week that The Pitch named me Kansas City's Best Painter 2010. Hopefully they don't mind me quoting them here:

In an age of visual abstraction, it's easy to forget that the accessibility of classical realist painting is achieved only through really hard work. Lacey Lewis' neoclassical art combines modern techniques with the labor-intensive practices of the masters. Her rich, detailed figure paintings begin with painstaking graphite studies, and her effort results in thoroughly contemporary observations in a classic visual idiom. To capture the personalities and emotions of her subjects, Lewis favors dramatic poses and often uses performers as her subjects. She's also the founder of Red Door Studios in Kansas City, Kansas, where she works with an apprentice on her own work and teaches life-drawing classes. Keeping a tight schedule of work, exhibits and study, Lewis shows off a commitment as big as her talent.
I'm completely blown away and surprised and honored. What a great feeling to get this nod from my community!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Here are some pics from the opening of "Sideshow" last month at Strecker-Nelson Gallery in Manhattan, KS. The exhibit will run through the end of the month. I have a room of paintings and a room of drawings.