Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Workshop with Graydon Parrish

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure to take part in a workshop in New Haven, MO with artist Graydon Parrish. Not only is his work some of the most amazing stuff I've ever seen (I took a peek at Hirschl & Adler when I was in NYC in August) but he's also an extremely generous and helpful teacher. Here's our group photo... I'm in the 2nd row with the green shirt and my buddies Jenna Tomlin and Jamina Bone are in front of me. Graydon is in the dark shirt in the front row, and also pictured are virtual turned real-life friends Lisa, Lori, Steve and Travis Michael Bailey, who arranged the workshop. (Thanks Travis!)

Unfortunately I missed this part of the workshop due to another commitment, but I got the scoop later regarding the morphology of the head. This was more advanced than your usual planes of the head models, and I think I will be absorbing more of this as time goes on. (Thanks, Travis, also for the photos to share.)

This was my drawing from the workshop, which I am considering working on more. Something Graydon had been trying to tell me clicked a few days after the workshop, and maybe I can make that fix after-the fact.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome Lacey. I was trying to suggest a similar workshop in CA. Lucky mid-westerners!

Lacey said...

Hey, we don't get a lot of workshops out this way! I was so happy to have something close by, and would love to host some stuff at my studio, too. But it's difficult to get the same draw as a similar workshop taking place in CA or NY, unfortunately. Not as many people nearby to participate, and people are less willing to travel to the midwest. :-) That said, let me know if you are able to arrange something! I'm looking for excuses to visit CA!

Anonymous said...

My pleasure, so glad you could make it!