Thursday, July 31, 2008

Keys to the Studio - A.K.A. "The Cage"

Yesterday morning I picked up the keys to my studio space. Here are some pics of what it is like. Obviously above is the side of the building where my access door is.

Here's the door I will use to enter the building, and then the pressroom where my studio is. 750 Armstrong Ave in KC, KS. This door is locked, though, so unless it is during the 2nd Friday art walk (I think we will start participating in September?) you won't be able to get in if I'm not with you. So don't try to surprise me with a visit, you might be disappointed!

There are actually several different entrances/exits to the pressroom. You can come in from this side, or there's another staircase leading to the surrounding hallway at the far end of this picture. There's also a large elevator accessible in the other half of the basement which you can't see in this picture, and that will be useful for avoiding carrying things up and down the stairs. Anyway, you can see my space is that empty space in the middle.

So, here it is! My own cage to work in. We'll see how I set up the space... it will be interesting. I'm trying to figure out how to afford all the various things I will need to have in here, because I still want some supplies at home so that I can work there when I am not able to go to the studio. I'm also thinking about painting that wall. I'll post pictures as I get things set up, and hopefully it will wind up really awesome!

New Figure Painting Class Scheduled

(Current Progress of "Security")

I was just asked by ARTichokes to lead a figure painting class on August 26th, 27th, and 28th from 10 am until 3 pm each day. They are providing a light lunch for all participants! Below is more info:
The class will consist of a combination of demonstration, discussion, and hands-on painting from the live, draped model. Lacey will illustrate each step by demonstrating for the class and narrating her thought process as she goes along. She will also discuss the ideas behind her methods and will present various paintings and references that clearly reflect these ideas. As students progress with their own work, Lacey will offer guidance and insight one-on-one and will be available to answer questions and help the student through difficult spots as they arise.

The first day of the workshop will be primarily spent on creating a proportionally accurate drawing and value map in monochromatic oil paint. Day two will focus on building the form of the figure as we learn more about value and skin tones. We will work with a fairly limited palette and suggestions will be provided as to color mixtures to use. Day three will be all about refinements: finishing off the form and nuances in hue and final details.
Final details including fees will be posted soon!

Salmagundi - Pictures from the Reception

Here are a few pictures from the reception of the Annual Non-Member's Painting and Sculpture Juried Exhibition in NYC.

I don't know if I was caught mid-blink, or if I was just that tired after walking around Chelsea all day. I do know it was a mistake to wear adorable new shoes to the reception after walking around for six hours... we wound up leaving to grab a $10 pair of flip-flops and a piece of pizza.

I returned in time to finally meet in-person my new dealer, Renee (in the black dress) and her friend Tish (in white.) She owns So-Oh Gallery in Lincoln, NE and now represents my work.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Security - Fabric

Today I finally got back to painting. I missed it! Got a decent layer in on the cloth covering the model. While I am simplifying things, I also want to create some solid form with the fabric, and especially make the gathered portions around her hands believable. I want the fabric to appear to have the appropriate weight and texture. More paint will be added here, but I am pleased with it as a start.

The background will be kept simple, and I hope to tone down the flesh tones some to create a painting with a calm feel to it.

August-September Class and Workshop Schedule

Adult Classes and Workshops

Skin Tones Classroom - Adults/Serious Teens
The class will begin with a slide show presentation and discussion, exploring all the variables that affect skin tones. We will see how the Old Masters portrayed flesh, will view and analyze contemporary works, and see step-by-step in progress images of Lacey's paintings. Then, we will use this information to analyze and mix our own skin tones. Oil color palette choices for flesh tones will be discussed, but feel free to bring your media of choice to work with in class.
• September 6th, 11 am - 5 pm
• Cost: $120 members / $130 non-members
• Location:Carnegie Arts Center

Portrait Drawing - Adults/Serious Teens
In this 4 week class we will study the art of portrait drawing from lighting and posing the model and what makes a good reference photo, to proportion, creating a pleasing and accurate line drawing, and using value to give your portrait form and solidity. We will work from a combination of life and reference photos that we create ourselves.
• Thursdays September 11th through October 2nd 10 am - 12 pm
• Location: ARTichokes in Leawood, KS

Sight-Size Drawing - Adults/Serious Teens
Learn about a technique used by the Old Masters and in the French Academy in this 2 day workshop. Sight-size allows an artist to learn to see accurately and depict life on a 2D surface without the use of a projector. We will start by copying a Bargue plate and then move on to drawing a still life in charcoal.
• Friday, September 12th 5 - 8 pm and Saturday, September 13th 11 am - 5 pm
• Cost: $170 members / $180 non-members
• Location: Carnegie Arts Center

Portrait Painting from Life - Adults/Serious Teens
This 3 day workshop will cover everything from posing and lighting the model, basic facial proportions, creating an accurate drawing and likeness in monochrome, values, and skin tone palettes. Lacey will both demonstrate on her own canvas and help students individually as they complete each step in the process. Focus will be on oil painting, but water media and pastel artists are welcome.
• Friday, September 26th 5 - 8 pm
Saturday, September 27th 11 am - 5 pm
Sunday, September 28th 10 am - 1 pm
• Cost: $250 members / $260 non-members
• Location: Carnegie Arts Center

Classes for Kids

Beginning Drawing Workshop 3 - Ages 9-12
Class is a continuation of the Summer Beginning Drawing Workshop series.
• August 4th, 5th, and 7th from 10 am - 12 pm
• Cost: $85 members/$90 non-members
• Location: Carnegie Arts Center in Leavenworth, KS

Beginning Drawing Class - Ages 9-12
Classes will focus sequentially on the perception of edges, spaces, relationships, and values. We will learn about foreshortening, the basic ideas behind perspective, methods for measuring placement and relative size of objects, and some light logic.
• Saturdays August 2nd through 23rd 12:30 - 2:30 pm
• Location: Carnegie Arts Center in Leavenworth, KS

Lacey is also available to teach private lessons. Contact the artist for more info.

Class and Workshop Locations:

Carnegie Arts Center
601 South 5th Street, Leavenworth, Kansas
P.O. Box 501, Leavenworth, KS 66048


10557 Mission Road,
Leawood, KS 66206

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back from NYC - Checking In

I'm back from NYC, but am not ready to do the full post. I did get to go gallery hopping with David Kassan, but never made it to SoHo. I didn't get to go for a run in Central Park, but I did learn how to ride the subway and get a cab, and did a lot of walking.

In the meantime, I did want to make a couple announcements that I will elaborate on further soon. New gallery: I am now represented in Nebraska by So-Oh Fine Art in Lincoln. Workshops: I will lead three workshops aimed at artists at the Carnegie Arts Center in September; Sight-Size Drawing, Skin Tones Classroom, and Painting the Portrait from Life. More info is available on my website and will be posted here soon. And finally: I will also begin teaching at ARTichokes in September with a four week Portrait Drawing class.

There's certainly going to be more news to share, and more art, too. I'll be back with more soon!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Leaving for NYC

I'm leaving in the morning for NYC. Been busy the last several days wrapping up some applications, moving paintings around, and setting up some class times. I'll be without a computer while out of town, so there will be no blogging and no responding to emails! There will be picture taking, gallery hopping, and other fun stuff to report about once I get home, though.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

TinEye: Image Search Engine

I followed a link to this site a few days ago from an artist's forum. This is very cool and interesting technically, but would also be very useful for artists looking for ways to track their work and who is using it. I hope it takes off, and that they have the internet cataloged like Google does soon! In the meantime, I have set up an account for myself to test out the beta version.

TinEye Website

Monday, July 07, 2008

Della Donna: Issue #15

My painting, "Judith with the Head of Holofernes," was featured in the online magazine Della Donna last week. Go to Della Donna's site and scroll way down past the Spirituality section.


After a month long hiatus from the easel, I'm finally back with this painting that I did the charcoal sketch for weeks ago! I've not been slacking off, though, getting lots of work done on the business side of things. Anyway, I sealed in what I could still see of my charcoal line drawing and added in the rest with the paint. Then I started on some flesh tones, once again just trying to get the canvas covered. The values and hues are all off, but this will still work fine as a foundation. Tonight I plan to move on to the face and hopefully the drapery as well. Until then, I'm off to teach some classes!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I Signed a Lease on a Studio Today!

Despite my commitment issues, I signed a lease today on a 400 square foot studio space! My hope is that I will be able to create some very large paintings here, and also hold some lessons/classes here. It is in Kansas City, Kansas, in the old Kansas City Kansan building. I think that is the most times I have ever typed "Kansas" in one sentence.

This picture, above, shows the windows at the bottom of the building that shine into my space. To the left (out of view) is the Kaw Valley Arts and Humanities space, and to the right (also out of view) is a photography studio. The top two floors belong to an architecture firm.

Here's the space I will occupy! I will have the space between the two pillars and up to the wall with the windows. This is the press room where the big machines printed the Kansas City Kansan. There are even still a couple old parts of the machines laying about here and there. Anyway, this will all be sectioned off with fencing, which is not all that attractive, but will allow the new A/C and heating to flow freely through the spaces. I am not sure how many other artists will be in the building, though I understand quite a few since this is not the only area being converted. I already know who one of my neighbors will be, so I have a friend right off the bat. :-)

I move in August 1st.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Salmagundi Opens - Business Stuff

The Salmagundi Club's Annual Non-Member's Painting and Sculpture Exhibition in New York City opened yesterday! My painting, Inward (above) is included. The show runs until July 18th, when there will be a Closing Reception from 6-8 pm. I'm very happy to say that I will be out in NYC and attending!

I'm preparing for the trip by making books of my most recent/best work and will try and promote myself to some galleries out there and see if anything happens. I feel really lucky to have a tour guide while I'm there; kick a** artist and e-cquaintance David Kassan has agreed to take me around. Cross your fingers for me!