Thursday, July 03, 2008

I Signed a Lease on a Studio Today!

Despite my commitment issues, I signed a lease today on a 400 square foot studio space! My hope is that I will be able to create some very large paintings here, and also hold some lessons/classes here. It is in Kansas City, Kansas, in the old Kansas City Kansan building. I think that is the most times I have ever typed "Kansas" in one sentence.

This picture, above, shows the windows at the bottom of the building that shine into my space. To the left (out of view) is the Kaw Valley Arts and Humanities space, and to the right (also out of view) is a photography studio. The top two floors belong to an architecture firm.

Here's the space I will occupy! I will have the space between the two pillars and up to the wall with the windows. This is the press room where the big machines printed the Kansas City Kansan. There are even still a couple old parts of the machines laying about here and there. Anyway, this will all be sectioned off with fencing, which is not all that attractive, but will allow the new A/C and heating to flow freely through the spaces. I am not sure how many other artists will be in the building, though I understand quite a few since this is not the only area being converted. I already know who one of my neighbors will be, so I have a friend right off the bat. :-)

I move in August 1st.


Bethany said...

I'm not sure what space you were working in before, but this looks like it will be a ton bigger. Good luck!

Jamie said...

This is very exciting!!

dugbuddy said...

congratulations! So exciting.

Lacey said...

Thank you, Bethany, Jamie, and Doug!

Yes, this will be a lot bigger than my current space... which is our living room. ;-) However, I will still be working on smaller paintings and drawings here at home, focusing on a series of large paintings at the new studio.

dancoburn said...

Congrats Lacey. I know this new space will catapult your success. This will be your art sanctuary and is well deserved.