Thursday, July 31, 2008

Salmagundi - Pictures from the Reception

Here are a few pictures from the reception of the Annual Non-Member's Painting and Sculpture Juried Exhibition in NYC.

I don't know if I was caught mid-blink, or if I was just that tired after walking around Chelsea all day. I do know it was a mistake to wear adorable new shoes to the reception after walking around for six hours... we wound up leaving to grab a $10 pair of flip-flops and a piece of pizza.

I returned in time to finally meet in-person my new dealer, Renee (in the black dress) and her friend Tish (in white.) She owns So-Oh Gallery in Lincoln, NE and now represents my work.


Bethany said...

It looks so swanky. Congratulations again!

dugbuddy said...

how cool!!!!! You fit right in there. It is exciting. Your skills and determination are serving you well. So well deserved.

dancoburn said...

Congrats Lacey. Looks like a nice show and a well attended opening. you look really pissed-off in that photo :c) Lacey takes crap from nobody!!

Lacey said...

Thanks, all!

Yeah, Dan, that smile does look a little fake, huh? ;-)