Friday, October 15, 2010

Thank You Kansas City and The Pitch Magazine

I found out last week that The Pitch named me Kansas City's Best Painter 2010. Hopefully they don't mind me quoting them here:

In an age of visual abstraction, it's easy to forget that the accessibility of classical realist painting is achieved only through really hard work. Lacey Lewis' neoclassical art combines modern techniques with the labor-intensive practices of the masters. Her rich, detailed figure paintings begin with painstaking graphite studies, and her effort results in thoroughly contemporary observations in a classic visual idiom. To capture the personalities and emotions of her subjects, Lewis favors dramatic poses and often uses performers as her subjects. She's also the founder of Red Door Studios in Kansas City, Kansas, where she works with an apprentice on her own work and teaches life-drawing classes. Keeping a tight schedule of work, exhibits and study, Lewis shows off a commitment as big as her talent.
I'm completely blown away and surprised and honored. What a great feeling to get this nod from my community!


Vicki said...

Congratulations! You are amazingly talented, I love your work!

Karena said...

Congratualtions Lacey I missed this!!!Well deserved Bravo!!

Art by Karena

RM Gardner said...

Congrats Lacey!