Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sloth - The Early Stages

I just started the largest-scale painting I have ever attempted. This canvas is 4ft high by 6ft wide. For the first time ever, I have used a large gesso brush to apply oil paint. (Anyone know a great way to get paint out of such a large brush, by the way?) It was crazy; there was paint everywhere! Psst: There's no paint on the figure yet, if that wasn't obvious.

This is where the canvas stood yesterday before I left the studio, with my composition lines and cartoon sketched in charcoal. When I arrived this morning, I made a couple changes to Woe and Joy (wait, did I say that was finished?) spent an hour cleaning my palette and then got started with the big ol' brushes. I also had a chat with Steve Curtis of S2 Studios, which is in the Kansan building as well, and we have some ideas brewing. More on that later tonight or tomorrow.

The other day I also felt like taking a picture of my desk. For some reason it just made me happy. All the way to the left you can see a teeny painting that was started from life last Saturday. The figure is maybe 9 or 10 inches high. Not an intriguing composition, but I will work on it again this Saturday and hopefully wind up with a good figure study. Just trying out a few ideas with it.

Tomorrow yet more changes with be made at the studio. I am finally getting some curtains put up, and I am also getting some way cool flat files. Then, in the evening, feel free to stop by the open studios from 5-8pm. I'm in the Pressroom Studios at 750 Armstrong in KC, KS. Hope to see you there!

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dancoburn said...

Great to see your start on this series! Looks good so far