Monday, August 04, 2008

Figure Painting Workshop Details

I am really looking forward to this workshop, and it's coming up fast so sign up now if you are interested. It's not a bad fee for a three day workshop, especially considering all materials will be supplied for you, and they'll provide you lunch to boot!

In the meantime, I am busy moving into the studio, working on some projects, planning upcoming exhibitions, and teaching at the Carnegie this week. Hopefully I will very shortly work in some much needed painting time. Unfortunately, painting time has been scarce this past week. Boo!


Anonymous said...

Okay, could you get any busier?? Congrats on all the teaching gigs and on the new studio, of course. And on the new representations. And on the New York show...geez, are you dizzy? :-)

Lacey said...

Um, yes, actually, I am a little dizzy!

I just wish you could add, "Congrats on the new painting you finished," to the list. Sheesh, with everything else, I just haven't had either the time or energy to paint. I hope hope hope I am not too pooped to paint tonight!