Monday, August 18, 2008

The Studio

I have the studio set up enough that I can work in it, though there's still a lot I'd like to do. I really can't express how happy I have been working there today and Saturday. I can't wait to get back there tomorrow, and almost want to head back this evening! It's just so awesome to be able to leave everything as is and know no one will mess with it while you're gone. And I have many times more room than I need!

Well, let me give you the tour. Above, obviously, is the entrance to my space. Eventually I'd like to have a sign of some sort up there, and perhaps a small table with business cards, etc., set out. I'll also have some more of my gridwall up at some point, with more paintings visible from outside the fence.

There's my cute little Oscar the Grouch type trash can, with my genius gridwall canvas/painting/paper divider. I didn't have any money to build one, but I already had some gridwall, and voila! Now I just need some canvas to store in there.

This is the end of the room where I plan to do most of my work. I figure I can more my easel to either side, and move where the model will be closer to or farther from the wall. I have a tent in the corner that I will open and eventually get black fabric to cover and hang from the sides in order to control lighting, and help me get dramatic lighting for some of my narratives. Oh, and I hope to paint that wall soon.

This is the end of the space, where the entrance is. I got those two black cubbies from Scott Fitness, and am using them to display my book, recent article, and postcards on top, wile my purse, camera, etc., can be stored on the shelves underneath. Then my stuff doesn't get all dirty, nor does it get in the way while I am working. On the left are shelves for smaller canvases, props, tools, etc.

So there you have it! It still needs some cleaning, and I need a few more supplies and some paint to really make it home, but it's so nice to work in. I'm a happy camp, er, painter. :-)


Vicki said...

Lacey, it looks really great. It's going to be so cool for you to have this space.

Brad "el ZappoMan" HG said...

Cool space!