Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little Work-In-Progress

Today I spent an hour or two on this little 5" x 7" study. It's supposed to be a Pink Lady apple and a few cherries. Hopefully the next layer will make the apple a little more, um, appley as Pink Ladies really are a good looking fruit.

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Anonymous said...

Pink Ladies are my most favorite apples in the world!!! Russell's all, "No, I think Golden Delicious are the best!" To which I give him a very judgmental stare and totally ignore his opinion of anything for the next 3 days.

I will totally make you a cherry bag!! You'll have to pick your pattern and lining material! I've used a really great, bright green in the past, and a red zipper looks *adorable* with it. I have made it in the size from the picture as well as almost twice the size. I used the twice the size bag for a while...super handy, I just have so much trouble carrying the same bag for more than a week now that I have piles of fabric just waiting to be my new most favorite bag!

Okay. Off to bed I go so I am not as tempted to share what I'm really thinking with the crazy fools who will be on my driveway so very early in the morning.