Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pink Lady with Cherries

I've had a couple good art days! Yesterday I didn't actually do any creating, but I did visit a few galleries; two out in Leawood, KS that I visited for fun and ARTichokes (also in Leawood) where I will be teaching in the very near future. Friend and fellow artist William Rose was having an opening there and the place was *packed.* His work looked great, but I would like to get in there without the crowd to get an even better look.

Today started off with a private lesson, followed by working with my new "apprentice" Jamina Bone. I am really happy to be working with someone who already has some background in art, and is serious about a career in the field. We worked together from a model, but unfortunately I forgot my camera. I'm going to keep working on mine later this week, so I will post images soon.

Did I mention we were working in the studio? I have it set up enough to get some work done in there, though there's still cleaning, painting, and stocking of supplies to be done.

After dinner and spending some time with the family, I finished up the little painting I started a couple days ago. It was fun! Photographing paintings can be such a pain, though. Above, the apple and cherries are about right, but the cloth is more green in real life, like below. Maybe when it's dry a scan will do the trick.

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