Monday, August 18, 2008


Today at the studio, I finished this charcoal portrait I had started Saturday while working with Jamina. Seamus (pronounced 'shame-us') sat for me and was very patient, never asking for a break or fidgeting. I'm pretty happy with the results, especially since I haven't done anything more than a sketch completely from life in a *very long time.*

This is approximately where I had left off Saturday. I think I came in and added some of the darker shading and the white today before taking a break and snapping this progress shot.


dugbuddy said...

nice work. descriptive without being overworked. you have the touch.

Paul Foxton said...

You should be happy Lacey, this is a really nice drawing. It's good to see someone working from life - and doing such a good job of it too.

Unknown said...

Well done - very nice work. Will there be more of "Seamus" to come?

sara said...

Your work is very nice, I enjoyed looking at your website very much.
It is good that you focus on the female form, but the female form seems to be more common in art work - have you ever considered adding the male form too? I think it is a missing part to the art here in Olathe and Kansas City. The portrait of Seamus, by the way, is very good - well done! I look forward to checking your site more often and looking at all the wonderful work.

Lacey said...

Thanks, all, for the really kind words on this drawing! Seamus is a good model and very cooperative.

Aoife - Yes, there will be more of Seamus! He's been posing for me this week, in fact.

Sara - Thanks for the complement. You are not the only person to mention the lack of males in art around here, however I also have noticed that figurative art in general seems less popular in the midwest than on the coasts. Perhaps that is because the landscape here feels 'bigger' than us, and suddenly people become less prominent in our surroundings?

I've also thought a lot about my own bias over the years, and while I do want to include more men in my work, I am not sure that will ever become my focus. But who knows, I have many more years of painting and drawing ahead of me (I hope) and things might change!