Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weekly Studio Update

Gosh, do you remember this one? Do you remember when I started it? I don't. Every time I pick it up, I take it in a different direction than I had planned. For example, until now I wasn't going to include any black in the composition. When I got back to work on it, though, it seemed like a good idea and I like it! In the near future I should do a post about black; I am often asked what I use for black, and of course there is the long passed-down notion that one should not use black paint. More on that another time.

I've gotten a little bit of work done on "Sloth" in the studio. I am working on her shirt now, and you can see how the section between her shoulders is further along than the rest. So much of this painting is going to go way down in value! Anyway, I feel like I am tackling the more difficult part by doing the fabrics first.

Finally, here's a sketch I did from life last weekend. I'm not used to throwing the charcoal around like that. I much prefer to draw as you do with a pencil, but that takes so much time! I might try to finish this from a photo I took. This coming weekend I will start a figure painting from life.

I actually do have more that I want to post about, but time is short and I need to head out to my Thursday figure painting class at ARTichokes. Soon I'll be back with more work, and some other thoughts.

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sara said...

Looks like you have been busy. Still doing great work! I hope to get to come and see your paintings first hand someday.