Thursday, January 08, 2009

Figure Painting Class - Day 1

Just thought I'd drop in and share about today's figure painting class at ARTichokes! We have a nice small class, which I like because I can spend more time with each student and spend more time on the demo I create while everyone is working. Today we just worked on a monochromatic wash-in using burnt umber, mineral spirits, and a kneaded eraser. We toned the whole canvas, drew with the paint, and erased lights with the kneaded eraser.

Everyone in the class did a great job and came up with something that will be a good base for color. (This one is mine.) Next class, we will use the same model in the same pose and add color on top of this underpainting. I will teach a simplified variation of the color strings I mentioned in some previous post to help us get flesh tones on the canvas quickly. It's only a 2 hour class, so it's best to keep it simple!

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