Sunday, January 18, 2009

Knife Paintings

Last night I did these two 5x5 knife paintings. I want to get better with the knife, and it's also nice to do something fun and quick. This I can do in a couple hours; my figures generally take weeks. My first attempt, above, looks great from across the room, but up close is a bit choppier than I'd like. I'm thinking if it's still wet enough, I might try and work on the surface texture a bit more.

Here's my second attempt of the evening. I'm much more pleased with this one. Both of these paintings are much improved over my first two attempts at knife painting that I did in Richard Bowman's class. I'm really glad I took that class!

It'd be fun to try and paint a figure with the knife. Anyway, off to pick up some more 5x5 canvases...

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