Thursday, September 11, 2008

Workshops and Open Studios!

Today I started a 4 week portrait drawing class at ARTichokes with a great group of ladies. I started them off with the daunting task of a head and shoulders Bargue plate. This always makes me very aware of just how tight a$$ed I really am, especially in the presence of artwork with such free-flowing brushstrokes and thick knife-work. I often thing, "Rembrandt did it, (at least in the highlights) so why can't I lay it on thick and leave it there?" As well, it's always a push/pull with me... lay the paint down like you mean it, but don't sacrifice accuracy!

I digress. I am looking forward to the following classes with these women, and also to this weekend's sight-size workshop at the Carnegie Arts Center in Leavenworth. As I work on the demos for these classes I will post images here to give you some idea of what we're doing, and perhaps I will even get to post some student work. We will see!

If you are bummed you missed these classes, please check out my schedule here as I have quite a few classes and workshops coming up.

The only drawback (hah! pun) of this weekend's workshop is that it conflicts with this month's 2nd Friday 'Follow the Dotte' Art Walk in Kansas City, KS, which the Pressroom Studios (where I have my studio) is participating in. Therefore, unfortunately, I won't be able to meet and greet. However, my lovely apprentice, Jamina Bone, has agreed to open my space to visitors in my absence. Please do stop by and say hello! I will have some work on display there, and you will get to see Jamie's awesome work-in-progress oil painting of a skull.

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dugbuddy said...

looks like a real success and a grand time to boot. Would love to be a fly on the wall to listen to you teach. Your class is very lucky to have you to learn from. Good luck with the rest of the sessions.