Monday, September 01, 2008

Seamus II - Life Drawing

This is the first male nude I have drawn in a long time! Last week I worked on this for three sessions in my studio, with Seamus patiently modeling for me. I am not sure if I will be able to finish this from life or not, or if I will decide to leave it as-is. This week is going to be too busy to to allow for sessions long enough to really work at it, and I am not sure I will be able to either keep the set-up as is or recreate it later.

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sara said...

Interesting sketch for "Seamus II", I cannot decide if I think it is finished or not - some more detail would be nice; you can always put it on the back burner if time is not available.

I do very much like "Mortalitas II" I am confident that it will do very well in the upcoming show. For some reason it reminds of of the "Lilith" myth. Since you paint some classical themes, like Ophelia - have you ever considered doing a theme of Lilith and incorporating a nude male figure into the picture? I think that might be a good project and a start to expanding with the male form - just an idea.