Sunday, September 14, 2008


I thought I'd post my images of the demos I have done during this weekend's workshop and last Thursday's class here on my blog. The workshop was small, so I was able to get more work done than during the portrait drawing class, where I seemed to babble on and on and let my hands float in circles in front of my flapping gums rather than putting them to work with the pencil. Above is a Bargue plate I used to introduce my students to the technique of sight size. We spent 3 hours on the first day of the workshop using sight-size to work from the 2 D reference, in order to prepare for the next day's stab at using the method to work from life. I certainly see lots of things that are 'off' on my copy, but seeing as these are intended to be worked on for a much longer length of time, I can't say I am too disappointed.

The second day of the workshop was 6 hours of still-life drawing. Again, I was able to work quite a bit on this since the class was small. The students' drawings came out *wonderfully!* They have said that they will email me pictures of both their Bargue copies and their still lives, and hopefully I will get to share them here. It was very satisfying to see what great work they were able to produce in just one day, especially with a method that can seem so complicated at first.

Here is my Bargue plate demo from the Thursday portrait drawing class, in progress. Due to the aforementioned gum-flapping, I only got a partial envelope and some shading on the cheek done before the end of class. That night I worked on it for a little bit and was able to finish the envelope and add a little more shading, but even what I have down is still not right. You can see the shading in the hair is still too light in places, and I haven't even begin to model that half-tone on the cheek, between the shadow and lit areas. I will continue to work on this and post the progress here!

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dugbuddy said...

Way cool!! Good to hear that you have survived the first sessions. You would be great to have as an instructor. Looks like very well thought out lessons.