Saturday, September 27, 2008


I have quite a few heads on the easel right now. Above is the demo I have been doing during my Portrait Painting Workshop at the Carnegie Arts Center. This is two days worth of work, above. Yesterday I did the monochrome; it took 3 hours minus breaks and time for instructing. The addition of color was completed during today's 6 hour session, again with breaks and also a presentation on skin tones. I estimate have 5-6 hours of actual painting time into it at this point. It's small, though, 12" x 9". *I tried to post this so that if you clicked on the above image, you would see a slide show of all the steps leading to its creation. Unfortunately, that isn't working. After I finish this up tomorrow, I will create a slide show and post it on my website for your consumption.

This is another small portrait I have started of my apprentice, Jamie. How lucky am I not only to end up with an enthusiastic and really helpful apprentice, but one who's super cute to boot! I am happy with it at this stage, except for the very last mark that I made before cleaning up. I put a light mark by the far eye to indicate a bit of skin that can be seen, and now she looks cross-eyed. Rest assured, this will change!

My friend, Amy, has done some sitting for me as well. This portrait is larger, though I can't remember the dimensions, and I approached it in a somewhat unorthodox manner. This is why I have only posted a little piece of the portrait, which is farther along than the cropped-out areas. Yes, her eyebrow is temporarily missing. I think this will take a while to finish because she doesn't live very nearby and when we are together we do a lot of chatting.

Finally, Seamus modeled for my Thursday portrait drawing class so I had another chance to sketch him. This one has a much different character than the profile, which I find interesting.

Still to come are pictures of my new narrative-type painting, nectarines, and a new class!

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dugbuddy said...

Very nice. I like the organic feel to your strokes. very soothing.