Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ophelia II - So Close to Finished!

I apologize for all the glare in this photo. She's almost done! The tub needs some highlights to give it more dimension, and then a couple other small adjustments and I'll sign it. Unfortunately, I've caught a cold right when I need to really be working on my paintings and also in my most important training week for the Hospital Hill 10k. I have yet to get in my final long run, but hopefully today will be my last yucky day so that I can both run and paint!

For some good news: I've booked my flight to New York City so I can attend the Salmagundi Club reception! I'll be there for a few days so my family and I can explore, have fun, and eat pizza. Can't wait...

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dugbuddy said...

So cool about NYC. This piece is really haunting. So happy for you. -db