Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ophelia II - The Face II

The face is at least very close to done now. I have decided that I will bring all the flesh areas up to a finish or near finish before really tackling the rest of the painting. I have a feeling this should help the painting move along more quickly for me. I also put in another layer for the hair; I will need to add highlights where the water crests around the head, and of course the hair underneath the water will need softer edges for a more 'floaty' feeling. That will come when I really get going on the water.

Also, for those interested, I have put a couple new demos on my website. Of course, it's nothing you haven't seen if you've been following the blog, but the drawing demo for Nocturne has some new annotated notes.


Bethany said...

It looks immaculate as always. I can't believe you've made so much progress when you have these activities going on. Don't forget to nap now and then--take it from the narcoleptic: naps rule.

dancoburn said...

Looks great Lacey. Thanks for coming out to the show last night. It was good to visit with you.