Monday, May 05, 2008

Ophelia II - The Face

I started in on Ophelia's skin tones last night, after a long nap after jurying Art in the Park. It was a fun job, but a difficult one; there were so many talented artists, it wasn't easy to decide! Hopefully I should be getting some pictures of the LAG's President handing out the awards to recipients that I can post here to officially share who won.

Back to the skin tones: The flesh here has a very limited value range to work with, and so much of the form is built through shifts in hue. Below you can see how soft most of the value changes are, and how the dark areas surrounding the face will help to bring it forward.

Of course, I've noticed things that need to be adjusted, and they will be taken care of during the next session. Another layer here should solidify the form, allow for corrections, and then I'll add in the highlights and details such as the eyelashes.


Rachelle said...

So, was it really hard to judge the non-realism? :)

Lacey said...

Actually, no! Though I'll admit that the top prizes went primarily to realists (they were really, really good!) you might be surprised at some of the work that was chosen, given my own personal figurative/realism lean.