Sunday, April 27, 2008

Staged - More Updates

All the changes on this one have been small, but time consuming. I've worked on the legs (did more on the feet after the picture below was taken, but the adjustments were slight) added the fringe on the legs and the tattoo on the chest.

The fringe was tough not only because of how intricate it is, but also because it casts a shadow onto the leg.

The difficulty with the tattoo is obvious. Many of the lines are very thin, and I was using a tiny liner brush to work on this. It took me 3 - 4 hours last night to put this in, and I purposely left out some details that are in the actual tattoo. Also, it is difficult to see here, but the whole tattoo isn't solid black, and actually lightens in the light. That effect might not be strong enough, so I might find myself coming back to this part again.

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dugbuddy said...

Good Grief! Look at how delicate and thin those lines are. Love it. Interesting that you can get that dark line to rest on top without merging into the color it is resting on. Such a steady hand. I commend you.