Friday, April 11, 2008

Ask and You Shall Receive!

So, last time I posted (it seems like forever ago) I complained about my working and familial schedule. Lo and behold, the schedule is changing! My husband's working hours are going to shift, and this should restore the working schedule that I had about a year and a half ago. It worked out really well then; let's hope it works out really well when the new hours start this weekend.

The last week has *not* been as productive as I would have liked. The painting above has more layers on the flesh areas, excluding hands and face, and I started the painting below. I've made a new goal to get at least 3 paintings totally finished by the 30th. Will someone here please hold me to that? ;-)

Sometimes, I wish I could leave a painting in this stage, white background and all. Though, she could use having the object she's seated on put in so she doesn't appear to float. Which reminds me, I watched a program on PBS last night about levitation. It was fairly interesting, much better than the infomercials that were on as I was finishing up my work at 2:30 am.

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dugbuddy said...

Wow! Glad to hear that the channels are unclogging for you in the schedule portion of your life right now. Great to hear. Great work as always. You entering the self portrait for American Artist at the end of the Month?