Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nautilus II - Completed

Except for the signature, this one is finished. Unfortunately, the jpg here is not showing some of the color the way I wish it would. For example, on the lit edge of the arm, you should see a strong 'optical red' which is also present in the edge of the hair and shadow on the lower arm. I'm not sure it is showing up as brightly as it should, nor are some of the other hues in the light areas. Oh well, I suppose you will just have to see it in person at my June show at Hilliard!

Announcements will be coming soon about upcoming shows. I have a lot in the works, including my solo show here in town at Hilliard, a group show out in St. Charles, MO, a relationship with a new gallery, and perhaps one or two other events!

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