Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Figure with Corset: Beginning

This is the beginning of a new oil painting on a 24" x 30" oil primed linen canvas. I am trying to use some of what I learned in the dead color paintings here, and am filling in colors quickly with an approximate hue and value, before bogging myself down with details and subtle shifts. The approach is proving enjoyable, yet I can't wait to add in all those nuances!

You can see here, however, one of my main frustrations that result from my lack of a proper studio: I can't paint all the way to the edge of the canvas right away. I always need to leave a dry spot where I can grab the painting and relocate it nightly.

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Jessa said...

I like the new painting...I like the variation of shifts on each on wrist, so that they are not the same..gives a bit of stess to the posture. It will be nice to see the next phase, and is good to see you not bogged down with details early. Loose is good at this stage..time to play.