Sunday, January 14, 2007

Corset Painting: More Flesh

I've done another pass on the back above the corset, and started making my way down the arms. By the time I got to the right arm and hand, I was a bit tired, so it remains more general. Soon I will begin adjusting the background and putting in details in the hair and corset. Fun!


Jessa said...

Cool to see some student work. I like to see a variety of what else is taking place and what others are learning with your guidence. The corset is coming along nicely, and like the colors a lot!

Anonymous said...

If you'd really like to make it naughty, you could add a hand. It would, of course, be unclear whether the hand were assisting in cinching up or uncinching the corset.

Anonymous said...

that looks so good... i wish i could paint that well (i sound like those idiot young posters who are all like OmG IL youre WorK)