Thursday, January 18, 2007

Background on Corset Painting

I finally painted all the way to the edges on this. There are still parts that I haven't gone over the first coat on, though, including the back between and under the corset, the hair, and a part on the right arm. So long as I remain pretty much satisfied with the background, I should now get to focus on those areas, and on details, which I plan to have a lot of in this painting. There will be details in the lace edging and brocade of the corset, there will be silver eyelets and the cord that laces the corset, and I really want to get into describing the surface of the skin and hair.

I seem to go in cycles where I want to loosen-up with my brushwork and forgo too much detail, and then the pendulum swings in the other direction and I want to go back to including more detail. Yet, no matter how much I feel I am pushing my boundaries, the work is always within a certain spectrum that is 'mine.' It makes me wonder how much of my work is of my deliberate choosing, and how much of it is just inherent to me and cannot be changed.

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