Monday, September 27, 2010

NYC: The Workshop

Unfortunately, this post will be brief as I am short on time lately and am thus not able to explain more of the workshop. Steven Assael is a favorite artist of mine, yet he paints drastically different than I do. I knew this going in to the workshop, but his process and way of making marks was even more different than I had anticipated. My goal here was to do something completely uncomfortable to me, and that's certainly what I got! I've never before used so many saturated colors in my flesh tones, or used such thick paint, and it was great to do something different. I had no idea what would happen to my work once I got home, but since I've been working for a bit since returning, I can feel the influence on my work. I'm not doing things the same way as in the workshop, but I've added a few new colors to my palette, I'm thinking about what I see a little differently, and even my mark has changed slightly. All exciting stuff to me!

Anyway, I had a great time in the workshop and met some really cool people that were also in the class. I loved being surrounded by Steven's art, various props, and seeing his demo progress. Below I've included images of his work and items from the studio, and my painting progress.

Above, my painting with Steven's marks on it. I debated just taking this home and starting a new painting, but then decided I might learn more by continuing on top of his work.


More progress.

My final work.

Close up of the face (too yellow.)


Tess Skultety said...

I really like the finished piece. You must have had such an amazing time.

I'm glad you posted these, they were fun to look at and study

adebanji said...

Amazing! What an opportunity, he is one of my favourite artists too and I can see you must have had a great time.
Do you know if he has done any videos I can purchase?

Thanks for sharing all the pictures and insights into his mark-making and your progress too.

Lacey said...

Thanks for the comments!

I don't know of any painting videos by Steven Assael, and based on some conversation that took place in the studio I get the feeling that it's not a direction he is looking to go.