Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Vanity" Completed, I Think

It looks like this painting is finally finished! I worked on it Monday and signed it, but I wanted to make sure I didn't immediately see something I wanted to go back in and change. That urge is not coming to me right now... perhaps in the near future I will see something and decide to make a small change, but for now I think it's done. :-)

It took 2 days to convert all the video footage I had from the last time I made a video update in December. I didn't work on the painting at all in January or February, because of all that was going on, but I had done quite a bit of work in December and it was left with just a couple sessions of work to do.

Hopefully soon I will have the last of the videos up, and then make one quick video of the entire process! For now, I am working on a secret pencil portrait commission, and getting started on some new work that I am pretty excited about.

P.S. The blue haze around the girl and the right side of the painting is not part of the painting, it's just the light from outside bouncing off the surface of the black paint on that side.


FiberLAB said...

Love it! You do such beautiful work!

dugbuddy said...

This has such an interesting mood projecting from it. I must say this piece is one of the first that makes me really feel uncomfortable, as if I (the viewer) is actually participating in voyeurism. Rather unsettling, but really effective.