Monday, March 01, 2010

I Finished a Painting!

The other day I finished this painting! It was a commission for a private collector, so as soon as it is dry and ready for a varnish layer (there is a lot of sinking in and such that a varnish will take care of) it will be out the door and in its new home. My plan was to have this completed 4 weeks ago, but my father's passing changed those plans. The collector was empathetic, though, and imposed no deadline on me. I am so glad I had the extra time, because for a while it felt like I had forgotten how to paint!

Meanwhile, I've focused a little more on drawing and sketching. I have a pad at home to doodle in, and of course there are the Saturday sessions. Going forward, I want to continue more drawing, and am also looking forward to *finally* finishing up Vanity! I have some other painting ideas on the horizon, too. Getting back to work feels good.

Speaking of drawing, I am participating in Kansas City's Monster Drawing Rally this Friday night. Come by to see me draw and support Newhouse!

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dugbuddy said...

WOW! what a great piece of work. love the lighting and your color palette. what a great control low key.