Sunday, March 07, 2010

Monster Drawing Rally, Open Figure Session

Last night's open figure session was *awesome!* We had an amazing model with lots of stamina. I needed a break before she did. She will pose for us next week, too, don't miss her!

Friday night I participated in the Monster Drawing Rally at the Arts Incubator in KCMO. Had a great time, met a couple new artists and saw a couple old friends. Thanks to everyone who came out to support Hope House, and to the kind gentleman who bought my drawing in the silent auction!

It's not my usual style, but I only had an hour. ;-) I had this idea to use both the bristol and the vellum they offered, using the transparency of the vellum to create a gray skyline in the background. I spent all my time working on that part, so the upper layer was a bit rushed. Had a great time though and worked outside my comfort zone!

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