Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lust Painting Update

Here is the current state of "Lust." I haven't been in the studio enough, because I've been doing a lot of work on my house, trying to get it ready to sell. I've ripped up carpet, cut molding, stained new wooden thresholds, packed up half of everything I own, etc. It's a lot more work than I bargained for! Hopefully I will be able to get a place where I can have a studio at home. I don't think I will want to get rid of my studio downtown, I love it there, but it's really difficult to get enough studio time in when you are limited to school hours!

In other news, I am scheduled to have my wisdom teeth removed Monday morning. More stuff that is no fun getting in the way of painting time!


bethany said...

Wisdom teeth removal is horrible. Mine took three hours and I spent the night vomiting blood. Ashley had to come over and take care of me :( I hope yours goes better.

And I love Lust!

dugbuddy said...

you have such a great use of color as story teller in this piece. Almost a requirement in something like this.

Jeff Sparks said...

Absolutely beautiful painting. I enjoy your storytelling and symbolism in the work. WAY to GO!! (Can't wait for the finish)!