Wednesday, April 01, 2009

"Lust" Update, Painting Oreos

I apologize for not keeping up with the blog very well! I have, however, been busy working on "Lust." You can see in this picture that most of the progress has been on the figure to the left. She is darker and more orange than she will end up, but I like to paint darker than is the goal first so that I can layer some thin lights over the top. This makes the light sparkle, in a way, as you can see the underneath layer through the upper layer.

At the suggestion of a friend, I also decided to paint some Oreo cookies. This is 5" square and I'm calling it "Social Snackers." I don't think this will be the last Oreo painting I do, though it has been difficult to keep my husband and son from eating all my subjects.

Finally, two pieces of my art will be included in an auction at Art Bidz this weekend. Stop by to preview First Friday, or attend the auction Saturday 4-9pm.


Ashley F. said...

That's one sexy painting! I'm in love with the tentacles. (Which just reminds me that someone teased me for calling Evie's stuffed octopus "Miss Octopussy" and suggested I stop before she's old enough to repeat it back.)

dugbuddy said...

interesting pieces. You have a very different compositional solution for Lust than you have had recently. Full figures and multiple figures. I think that is what I am getting used to. It is so exciting to series of paintings evolve. Almost like reading a mystery, slowly turning the corner for clues and advances into whys.

bethany said...

I agree that Lust has a different feel about it, but I like it. Very sensual!