Sunday, November 09, 2008

Weekend Studio Update

It might not seem like it based on the lack of reports on this blog, but it has been a busy week! In the last 7 days I've had 5 private lessons, a figure drawing class (see the picture above), worked in the studio and on the studio space itself, painted a bit at home, collected reference material for my next painting, worked on a children's CD design, and more. I have several little projects going on at once. Whew!

In the picture above, you can see there's now a big wall-thing behind the model. Seamus was kind enough to deliver these large 8' x 4' panels to my studio and he, my husband, and new artist to the Pressroom Studios Ron (pictured on the right) were kind enough to hinge the panels together for me. This week I am going to paint the panels the same color as my wall, with the hope that they will help control all that light bouncing around in the studio. I still *need* to get some curtains up there!

The picture was taken during class on Saturday. In the middle there's my apprentice, Jamie Bone, the aforementioned new artist in the Pressroom, Ron Smith, and Stephen Sweigart of Lawrence. I had my easel set up on the far right. Everyone in this class is an artist and is aimed at making a professional career out of their craft. It's so exciting to be working with such serious artists!

While I didn't get to do a lot of painting done at the studio with everything else going on, I did get to do a quick layer on expecting chick #2's face. I almost even made it to her hair! There's still so much adjusting to be done, but at least the value has been knocked back.

Now the values are falling into place. I feel like it's been so slow-going with this painting, so it's a little tough when I think to myself, "OK, just one more layer over the whole thing!" Maybe this will be the week, though. I have very little in the way of lessons this week, though I do still have other projects, a grant proposal, and a presentation to prepare.

While at home, I did manage to sneak in a quick session on this one morning. This time I was in the zone and ready to cover the whole canvas, but I had something scheduled and had to leave. My plan, right now, is to try and maintain this hectic schedule through the end of the year. Then I will try and take several months in early 2009 to focus primarily on painting.

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Bethany said...

Your studio is getting so sexy! I keep fantasizing about the day when I'll be able to carve out a sacred workspace of my own.

Expecting chicks look great! (and not just because the models are so beautiful :) )