Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Checkin' In

Unfortunately, I have no photo today. I will rectify this soon!

Last Friday was the Follow the Dotte Art Walk/Holiday Art Sale at the studio. I got to chat up lots of familiar and new people, and it was a good time. I'd also spent the day painting the panels and pillars the same green as the wall, so the place is almost looking spiffy now. The sale went on Saturday as well, but that was my wedding anniversary so I skipped out while Jamie held the place open for me. (Thank you!)

Yesterday (Monday) evening I gave a presentation to the Lawrence Art Guild and had a really great time! I think it went over pretty well and hopefully I made a couple new friends. Also found out about a possible open studios event for several counties in Kansas in the spring.

Today was for errands and a private lesson. Coming up this week I have days with 1/2 each day spent teaching and the other 1/2 day hopefully in the studio. Friday I have an opening out at Strecker-Nelson in Manhattan, KS followed by a painting class on Saturday.

Sunday I am going to sleep in!

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