Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Painting in Need of a Name!

I finished this painting last night, and I still don't know what to name it! Everything I think of is either already taken by a previous painting, or I have in mind for future paintings. Please feel free to leave your suggestions here, otherwise I might just pick one that is in my head for a future similar painting, and then just add "II" to the next one. It's 12" x 16" oil on panel, and hopefully soon I will get a picture where the bottom half is clear.

Anyway, I have been busy painting and working. Below is a small painting I did during my Thursday Small Still Life class at ARTichokes, available on Ebay. I've also been working on my big narrative painting at the studio and might even have updates to share with you in a day or so!


SWM said...

Hi I came across your blog by chance.

When I saw the painting I thought 'Solice' or 'Grace'

Loved the blog and you paintings are amazing.

My blog is - http://salesmans-antics.blogspot.com/

if you want a look.

How can I get hold of your work?

Rick said...

How about "Arrayed Composer>"

Anonymous said...

Beautiful art, thanks for sharing.

Jessa said...

Hey L
I'm not dead! but bearly breathing...book illustrations coming to a close with deadline hanging over.

Love the new works..congrats on the catalogue, super great idea! sign us up for one, signed please, especially because we own an original "Lacey Lewis". This will be great for our collection.

As for the title of this work, if you haven't got one yet...she is definately emerging from a cacoon...metamorphosizing.... I hope you decided on a title that fits the movement of birth or regeneration. "Think like a moth" is my advice.......:O)

Talk to you soon, now that my life will be back to normal next month...congrats too on the studio...miss you