Friday, October 17, 2008

Little Paintings - Cherries!

The above little 4" x 4" painting was done as a demo during my Thursday still life painting class. I was so excited about this little subject (if you know me, then you likely also know of my affection for cherries) that I decided to do it all over again last night with a different background color. Perhaps I will see what they look like with all sorts of different colors behind them. I also like how you can tell I had light from windows in the version above, but light bulbs on the 2nd version, by the shape of the highlights. Both are 4" x 4." Keep in mind that is likely smaller than they appear on the screen!

Both of these cutie-pies are available on Ebay.


Anonymous said...

Great job capturing the form and colors. Thanks for sharing.

dugbuddy said...

I like the fruit series. Any bites on ebay? Get it? bites? fruit?

yeah, I wife sends me to do chores because of jokes like this.

Anonymous said...

This is a really adorable painting! Sometimes, when I'm working on a big writing project, I'm surprised at how much a little thing--like a poem--will completely reenergize me.