Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Facade - On the Verge of Completion

Now that I have these posted, I can see that they are destaurated in comparison to the real thing. I often forget how images seem to lose saturation after they leave Photoshop. Ah well, enough with the excuses. (Did I mention there is also a lot of glare again?)

This is so very close to done now! The blue and speckled feathers are pretty much finished, and the foundation has been set for those long tendrils on the peacock feathers. When it's dry, I will carefully paint the individual strands and some highlights on the 'eye' of the feathers. Peacock feathers are interesting in that they are not the color they appear, but rather the structure of the feather itself reflects light in such a way that it appears to have those rich hues.

The background also needs another coat and then a signature, but that's not a major undertaking with this simple background. The next post about this painting should see it completed.


Anonymous said...

I love those feathers. The color is so arresting.

dugbuddy said...

wow, I go away for a week and you crank on this piece. Can't wait to see the original.