Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Nude

Here's the first session of a new nude oil painting, 16" x 12" on prepared panel. I'm struggling to find a title. I know the mood I want to convey, and I think the image does that, but it's difficult to put my finger on just the right word to describe it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lacey. A great beginning. I understand the struggle for words. Most of the time a single word or sentence can't summarize the emotions you are trying to convey in a particular piece. Frustrating_ but at the same time a wonderful thing. You're communicating a feeling to your audience that can't be defined by words. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lacey. A great start to another great painting. I understand your struggle for words. Sometimes its difficult to find a word or a sentence to describe the emotion that you're trying to convey in a particular piece_ but what a wonderful thing.

You are able to communicate a feeling through your work that can't be described by words. Awesome!