Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Human Form - Opening Recap

The Human Form opening was very cool. Bob Swearengin, the owner of Hilliard Gallery, really put on a nice show with a fine group of artists and very decent selection of drinks and food. I was happy to find that my largest paintings were positioned prominently when you enter the door.

The best part of these group shows, though, is meeting artists with common interests. That night I met two particularly interesting artists: Doug Bell, whose drawings share a panel with my paintings, and Peter Cole, a painter who has both figurative and landscape paintings at this gallery. Doug is just a fabulous draughtsman and I find myself jealous of the amount of creativity he brings to his work. Peter shares an uncanny number of odd similarities with me, such as growing up in Upstate NY, spending time as a stay-at-home parent, and our spouses are even employed by the same company. Spooky.

This show runs through July 30th. Stop by before it closes if you are local!

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