Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Painting, Drawing, Teaching, Working!

Above is my drawing from last week's open figure session. (Yes! Open Figure is still going strong. Every Saturday, 6-9pm, $10, Red Door Studios 738 Armstrong Suite 200 KCK.) You can't tell from the image, but this drawing is larger in scale than I usually attempt in just one sitting. I had a great time with the anatomy, and as extra study I did a little ecorce drawing based on it a couple days later.

I've been doing various studies after my drawings like this lately... either looking at the musculature, or the skeletal system, or just finding various rhythms and connections so that I will see them next time the model is in front of me.

I've got a few paintings going right now, and this is the first layer of one of them. I am undecided about whether I want to spill the beans on all the compositions I'm currently working on, or save them for a surprise. This burlesque/performer series is for an exhibition at Strecker-Nelson Gallery in September entitled "Sideshow."

Also, next week starts the last of 2 intensives for teens, People/Faces. The week after that is Drawing From Life for teens. Both of these classes can be viewed at, where you can also sign up if you desire.

I'm delightfully busy, and I have a handful of surprises to throw at you in the coming months! Also, if you haven't seen David Kassan's ipad painting video, you must.

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dugbuddy said...

What a wonderful rendering... and the Girls are evolving nicely. Grand color. How do you do it all? And so well?