Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Typical Day for an Artist

Perhaps every now and then I will outline a "typical" day for me. I use quotes there, because practically every day is different depending on what I need to get done, and what lessons, classes, meetings and family schedules I'm weaving other work around. Here's what I did yesterday:

7am- Wake up after 6 hours of sleep (painted late the night before.) Have breakfast, get the kiddo off to school by 8:20.
9am- Errands: Gas station, 2 different banks, post office.
10am- Head out to private painting lesson.
12pm- Arrive back home after lesson. Get subs with the husband, go to the grocery store.
1pm- Start painting! Work on grants on the computer intermittently during breaks. Receive paperwork from fellow artist.
3:30pm- Very tired, take a nap.
5pm- Respond to email, make lists of tasks to accomplish over the next few days.
6pm- Go to the park and run 2.5 miles. Stretch, little bit of strength training, then dinner.
7pm- Start painting again, while watching Hamlet on PBS. (It was awesome, David Tennant and Patrick Stewart in one show!) Stop once an hour to do some kind of chore: dishes, brushing teeth, laundry check, etc.
11:30- Pack up and clean up after painting, feed the animals and try to get to bed by 12:30!

Today: I should paint at least 4 hours, meeting with a fellow artist to discuss workshop possibilities, teleconference regarding grants in the evening, and I posted a new class on Facebook! Isn't it exciting?


Unknown said...

Actually sounds pretty awesome to me! lol... It is a lot of work, but sure beats a desk job!

Unknown said...

Actually yeah it does seem pretty exciting. Sure beats a desk job! lol