Thursday, February 07, 2008

Painting Slide Show

Here's an updated slide show for the last painting. Maybe one of these days I will get around to lining up all the layers so she doesn't appear to move around. In between all the steps, there are little changes that might not be noticeable. I didn't paint the arms and hands in one shot, for example!

Click on the image to see it animated.


Bethany said...

That animation really helps show the process--and I have no idea how one even goes about an animation like that. Props to your elite computer skills!

dugbuddy said...

Love this piece. I say that a lot about your work. Cant wait for the end of the month. We may not make it out for the opening, what with work and all, But don't count us totally out. We will definitely be there Saturday if not Friday. Never been to Manhattan. Lee Ann says it is about a 2 hour drive? Good wishes to you and your bunch. db