Friday, December 07, 2007

Holiday Open House Tonight

"Eve, Ashamed"
30" x 20"

Art opening at Hilliard beginning in two hours! At least at the moment, the weather looks clear, and what better way to spend a cold evening than gallery hopping and grabbing a warm bite to eat? Hope to see you there.
  • Hilliard Gallery - 18th and Oak - Kansas City, MO


Amy said...

I always wondered why my parents were so excited for me to go play in the snow for I know it wasn't the snow as much as just away. :)

One of these days we'll make it to an open house!!

dugbuddy said...

Your show was so great to see. Lush color, and I just love your drawing skills. What you are doing now with design, color, negative space... it a good path you are on right now. Very rewarding. Thanks so very much for keeping me in the loop. I would have missed it without the reminder. Such great stuff.-db

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the show and your representation at Hilliard Gallery. Sorry I couldn't make it to KC. Sounds like you have a lot of positive things going. Best of luck.