Monday, July 13, 2009

"Lust" Update

I'm having technical difficulties, and am on a computer not equipped with a version of Photoshop that I can edit raw images on, nor do I remember how to crop a painting such as this in the version I am using. So, this is what you get! I am also concerned that perhaps the image is very dark, because people often tell me that my pics that I edit on my regular computer are very dark, and on this computer all my images appear even lighter than usual to me. So, if this image looks really dark, please know that the painting might actually be lighter. Oh, and if the left side of the painting appears a little blue in the middle, please excuse the glare.

I am pleased with the new background up top. The jury is out on whether the bottom half is now too bright, but it certainly wasn't quite enough before so we will see if I need to tone it down or not. I still see quite a bit more to get done on this one, but it will certainly be ready for my exhibition at Hilliard Gallery in August.

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Vicki said...

It's amazing.

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