Friday, February 13, 2009

One Finished, One Started

I finished the painting above yesterday, though I still don't have a name for it. Suggestions, anyone? It seems the subject has come out looking a little upset, and she's kind-of squashed between those black stripes on either end of the canvas, so I have had little ideas of what she might be apprehensive about, but am interested in what others see in this one. You will notice if you look closely that, relatively speaking, I have left the fabric in the background unfinished. I decided I don't leave things as-is enough, and felt the fabric was fairly-well defined and added a contrast to the flesh.

On to the next one. This is a quick scrub-in I did last night for my painting, "Jake." All that is on this canvas right now is ivory black+OMS in the background and a couple other spots, burnt umber+OMS scrubbed into the flesh areas, and then black+titanium white (to make it look cooler, or more 'blue') +OMS for the jeans. I really look forward to working on this one again, and hope to get it finished-up in a jiffy!

P.S. My painting "Sloth" is practically finished. Just a couple details and a signature and I will be all set. I'd post an update, but I don't have a picture from my good camera.


Anonymous said...

Lacey the painting turned out very nice. I always have trouble with titles too. She looks like someone has left her, so may be "deserted"?

dugbuddy said...

i loved the painting of the girl since you first posted the progress. Just a really interesting form of shapes and negatives. You still do the best hands... flat out. Love this. The title will come. Don't force it.