Thursday, November 01, 2007

Inward Progress

That's an interesting title for this post. Anyway, I am sure you can see where progress has been made in comparison to the earlier version. This is a pleasant painting to work on; it just seems to come from the brush(es) slowly but smoothly.


Anonymous said...

It reminds me of a sculpture we studied in Western Civ., which was unfinished. It was a solid chunk of stone with a perfectly formed hand reaching out. So, as opposed to roughing out the general shape of the the figure, the artist chipped away an entire slab, leaving only the perfectly sculpted hand, with veins and everything.

Your piece reminds me of that sort of look--where there's still white on the canvas, but the body looks perfect.

Amy said...

Hm, that part about it coming from the brushes...made me think how some flute pieces that just seem to play themselves vs. the ones that feel clumsy forever.

Your version was more poetic. :)

dugbuddy said...

this is really going to be quite a beautiful piece when you are finished. It seems to be flowing out of you. I would have broken 3 brushes and said several hail mary's by now to get a charcoal and turp underpainting. I am excited to see how this comes together.